We are vegetable farmers and granola makers


We started an organic vegetable farm in 2010 in Louisiana with a ton of passion but no experience. Our mission was to provide our family and community with fresh, organically grown vegetables. When we made it to our first market in 2011, we didn’t have quite enough vegetables to fill our table. Instead of leaving our table looking bare, we decided to start selling our homemade granola that we loved so much. Who would have thought we would be where we are today? It caught on like wild-fire and quickly became one of our best-selling items. Customers loved it as much as our vegetables and loyally returned week after week to stock up on granola. People urged us to get in into grocery stores and customers from out-of-state requested us to sell it online. After moving our farm to Oregon in late 2014, we found an abundance of support and resources to finally launch our granola business.


Granola of the Gods™ is a part of our farm business, Slice of Heaven Farm LLC.


We are excited to offer it to even more people now! We love food and we especially love feeding people.